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Brush Supplies



Traditionally, Long Handles are for Oil & Acrylic paints to allow the artist to work at a distance from the canvas. Short Handle brushes are for Watercolor painters who are closer to their paper.


In terms of use, acrylic paints are the most caustic and brushes are only made with synthetics or hog bristle.  Oil brushes can be made with finer natural hair like Fitch and Sable.  Some Acrylic brushes may be used with all 3 types of paint, while brushes made for Oil or Watercolor should NOT be used with acrylic paints.  Brushes that are specifically designed for watercolor can  hold the water/paint and alllow for delicate brushstrokes.


Shapes of brushes: Bright, Filbert, Flat, Round.  Plus many other unique brushes for each type of paint.  For example, some watercolor brushes are called “Mop”, “Dagger Risslon” and “Cat’s Tongue”!


Oil &Acrylic


Long Handle Brush Brand Names:


  • Princeton Aspen 6500 Series
  • Princeton Heritage 4000 Synthetic Sable Series
  • Princeton Snap Brushes and Sets
  • Grumbacher





Short Handle Brand Brush Names:

  • Richeson Synthetic Brushes
  • Black Velvet, Silver Black Velvet
  • Princeton Neptune
  • Winsor & Newton Series 7 (Kolinsky Sable)



Water Cartridge Brushes


  • Studio Series Aqua Brush Set
  • Niji Waterbrush Set



SUMI & Chinese Paintings


  • Yasutomo Brushes
  • Hake Brushes





  • Masterson Sta-wet Palette
  • Jack Richeson Butcher Trays
  • Richeson Wooden Palette
  • Plastic Rectangular and Round Palettes




  • Studio Series
  • Strathmore
  • Grey Matters







  • Fredrix
  • Richeson




  • Masterson Brush Cleaner
  • Pink Soap
  • Turpenoid Odorless
  • Turpenoid Natural
  • Gambol
  • M Graham Walnut Oil





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